Racings 5 Most Watched Races

The 5 Most Watched Races Each Year

Racing has seasons like any other sport across the world. Within these seasons racing also has the creme de la creme when it comes to their events and rivalries that could be compared to playoffs time in any other sport.

With this article we are going to go through the top 5 racing events that are televised as seen by fans as well as drivers in their respective sport each year.

5. Gumball Rally 3000

The Gumball Rally 3000 was started in 1999 by Maximillion Cooper as a way for big time stars and the completely lavish people to get together and have a race in completely souped up cars made just for this event. This racing event is viewed just for the sheer awe of celebrity status of the event. The Gumball Rally is like watching the red carpet for any awards show such as The Academy Awards, only it’s for the racing world.

4. The Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is a historical event that began in 1929 by Antony Noghès and is known as one of the most prestigious racing events to racing fans and Indy Cup drivers around the world. The Monaco Grand Prix together with The Indy 500 and The 24 Hours OOf Le Mans form what is known as The Triple Crown of the Indy Cup Racing world. With this racing event going on since before World War 1 to today’s mechanical specifications, this is an esteemed race to watch.

3. The Coca Cola 600

The Coca Cola 600 is widely viewed as The Nascar Sports Racing Event in Primetime!. It is the racing event that is usually held on Saturday nights and therefore people from all over the US gather to watch the race together because they have a full weekend to camp out and set up spots across the field to hang out and watch the race as well as people having a Saturday night to make a party of it at home watching on television. The Coca Cola 600 is considered to be one of the bigger races on Nascar fans calender’s.

2. The Indy 500

Another major event in the world of racing is The Indy 500 which is also known as The Liberty Sweepstakes. The Indy 500 which is mainly known in racing circles as The 500 is an event that started around 1909 and is held over the Memorial Day weekend since it’s inception at the Indianapolis motor speedway to millions of eager spectators each year.

1. The Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 is considered in the world of Nascar to be like The Super Bowl or Wrestlemania or any other championship series of Nascar Sports Racing. This is an event that is important because it is the race that is basically the culmination of all of the points gathered throughout the season and will decide that the winner is usually the top guy in Nascar for that season.

I would consider this list to be The Top Races to watch throughout the year. If you don’t watch any other races the entire year these would be the ones to catch because of the sheer importance and deciding factors of the outcome of these races.

NASCAR For Dummies

The Essentials Of Nascar

If you have a need for speed and enjoy the thrills of a fast paced environment with the excitement of loud vehicles roaring past you at extremely fast speeds then Nascar Racing is a sport that was made for you!

The sport of Nascar Racing is a sport that was born in the south by way of moonshiners bootlegging their goods throughout the south. 
Moonshining is just about the only way these people could survive in those days and in doing so they built their vehicles for rough terrain and for any possibilities of any law enforcement getting on their tails because as it is today Moonshine is still illegal, but back in those days there was a prohibition going on.

For fun these boys would race each other on tracks they had made themselves since they had already made their cars to outrun the cops if needed be during their free time while they weren’t carrying their cargo from one place to the next.

Nascar as a business today is still a boys sport but it is a much more regulated sport than it was back in it’s beginnings or even before there was a Nascar Racing to speak of. Cars going around a track at 200 plus miles an hour is a pretty dangerous sport so they had to get these regulations in place for the safety of the drivers as well as people in the pit area and spectators in the stands watching from a closer distance.

In the early days of Nascar drivers like Junior Johnson and Lee Petty are drivers that made the sport popular and a must see event for anyone that was into cars and seeing the kinds of speed these cars could do.
The sport mainly comprised of bootleggers, mechanics and just general car people.

Nascar as a sport is also a very organic sport in how it has grown throughout the years to where it is today.
Many sons grew up watching their daddy’s race in the early days to then go on to become race car drivers themselves.
So from it’s inception to where it is now you have fathers out on the tracks, brothers racing brothers and sons stepping into their fathers footsteps by also becoming drivers. So it is very much comprised of families as well as people coming in from other areas to get onto those tracks because they too feel that need for speed.

Nascar Racing has become much more popular today due to the sponsorships involved and the television deals that are in place for the sport.
These sponsorships really help the drivers in getting parts for their cars as well as the drivers and racing teams promoting the parts used for these cars and so on for the sponsors to help get products out there for the public.
The television deals also really help in generating revenue for the sport as a whole because there are legions of fans that love watching the sport every weekend.

For many people Nascar Racing is almost a right of passage.
You will see the same people out on those tracks time and time again forming bonds with complete strangers all for the love of Nascar Racing and their favorite drivers racing each and every Sunday afternoon.

So if you ever feel the need for speed and excitement then Nascar Racing is absolutely the sport for you. When you feel the rumble of the cars revving up or the winds of a pack of cars blowing by you on a Sunday afternoon it may very well change your life forever.

Indianapolis 500 Preview

*Indianapolis 500 News & Events:

The Indianapolis 500 has been a topic of discussion for many years. It seems that the public is always interested in the latest news concerning the Indianapolis 500. Particular interest surrounded the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The 100th running celebration of the Indianapolis 500 appeared to be a huge sell out. Over 15 temporary suites were constructed for this much anticipated event. It is not uncommon that 100 thousand or more end up attending a highly publicized event such as this.

The May 29, 2016 event was even televised which many felt was unusual. The last time the Indianapolis 500 garnished enough attention to be televised was way back in the 1950’s.

Any and all broadcasts associated with the Indianapolis 500 are broadcast live on the Advance Auto parts radio network. The INDYCAR Mobile app is a great way to keep informed about the latest news associated with the Indianapolis 500.

Juan Pablo won the Indianapolis 500 race in 2015. Therefore, Pablo became a two time Indianapolis 500 race winner. In 2016, James Hinchcliffe won the Verizon P-1 Award. In addition, Helio Castroneves won the Indianapolis 500 race three times which is a major accomplishment for anyone.

*Indycar Competition:

Matt Chilton, Spencer Pagot and Alexander Rossi had the opportunity to compete in their very first Verizon Indycar Series race. Competing in a Indycar Series race is quite an honor for anyone. The participants in this very important certainly made the most of the opportunity.

Pippa Mann is the one and only female driver in the field. It has been about 17 years since the first female was able to compete in an Indianapolis 500 race. Pippa Mann certainly is proud about her accomplishments. Mann is so very happy to simply be able to participate in any Indianapolis 500 racing event.

*Remembering the 2016 Racing Season:

The 2016 racing season was the very first season that aerodynamic body kits were used. These highly specialized kits are specifically designed to create enhanced performance through aerodynamic development. Each team is entitled to have two of the aerodynamic enhancement kits. Each kit provides multiple options for team members.

When a very special race takes place such as the 100th running celebration, the automobiles that are used are equipped with 2.2 liter twin turbocharged V-6 engines. All automobiles are serviced regularly and the engines are given the utmost care and consideration.

Ryan Hunter had publicly stated that the Indianapolis 500 gave him the opportunity to fulfill his racing dreams and ambitions. Ryan Hunter is named one of the Indycar dads of 2016. The intensity and rush that racing provides is something that Hunter always wanted to experience. Hunter’s dream came true and he is so very proud of his accomplishment.

The Indianapolis 500 always has something going on weather it is an up and coming race or something going on behind the scenes at the Indianapolis 500. It seemed to be a pleasant trip down memory lane when the 100th running celebration in 2016 was revisited.

Who Will Win the 2016 NFL MVP

Who will win the 2016 MVP for the NFL is anyone’s guess, and if you look in your crystal ball, you will find a number of people that will all be contenders. There are a large number of players that are all contenders and have made their case for the first part of the season. Some of these are rookies, while others are players that have been on the field for a number of years. No matter if they are an excellent passer or one that can run the ball like a pro, the simple fact is that 2016 will be a year that will have a lot of hard fought contenders for MVP.

Dax Prescott
Tony Romo was the man with the plan going into the 2016 season. Then the preseason was harsh on Romo and he got hurt, this led to Prescott getting the nod and being told that he was the new man in Arlington. There were those that thought that he was not a good choice to lead the team, and yet Prescott has done such a good job in showing his skills that he has actually nudged Romo out of the starting QB position. If the first half of the season is any indication as to how Prescott will perform, then he will be a top contender.

Cam Newton
Newton was the MVP last season and made a lot of impressive plays on his way to winning the award. After losing the Super Bowl, there were those that thought that Newton had seen his last game. After an entire off season, the answer to this question came in the form of Newton taking the field and showing that he had not lost a single step. Newton has been lighting the field up and is not only on track to win another MVP award, but leading his team to another playoff appearance.

Antonio Brown
Brown is a man that when he gets the football, he makes things happen in big ways. When he has the football, a touchdown is not too far away and as a result, he will be a big contender for getting his first MVP award. This will be a very tight race for the finish for the team and for Brown as to if he will win an MVP award or not.

Deanglo Williams
Williams was one of the more underestimated players on the Panthers team. Then this season he was traded to the Steelers and his true potential was seen when he took the field. Williams has been running the ball like a pro and has been putting himself in the discussion about the MVP award. Williams was a powerhouse of a player in college for the University of Memphis and when he had the chance in Carolina still made some impressive plays.

These are a few of the players that can take home the MVP award. While these are only a few of the fan favorites, there are a large number of players that might have a chance at winning the MVP award. Will has been an interesting season so far and there is still plenty of football left to play to see if this will be the season that a rookie or seasoned pro will be named MVP.