Who Will Win the 2016 NFL MVP

Who will win the 2016 MVP for the NFL is anyone’s guess, and if you look in your crystal ball, you will find a number of people that will all be contenders. There are a large number of players that are all contenders and have made their case for the first part of the season. Some of these are rookies, while others are players that have been on the field for a number of years. No matter if they are an excellent passer or one that can run the ball like a pro, the simple fact is that 2016 will be a year that will have a lot of hard fought contenders for MVP.

Dax Prescott
Tony Romo was the man with the plan going into the 2016 season. Then the preseason was harsh on Romo and he got hurt, this led to Prescott getting the nod and being told that he was the new man in Arlington. There were those that thought that he was not a good choice to lead the team, and yet Prescott has done such a good job in showing his skills that he has actually nudged Romo out of the starting QB position. If the first half of the season is any indication as to how Prescott will perform, then he will be a top contender.

Cam Newton
Newton was the MVP last season and made a lot of impressive plays on his way to winning the award. After losing the Super Bowl, there were those that thought that Newton had seen his last game. After an entire off season, the answer to this question came in the form of Newton taking the field and showing that he had not lost a single step. Newton has been lighting the field up and is not only on track to win another MVP award, but leading his team to another playoff appearance.

Antonio Brown
Brown is a man that when he gets the football, he makes things happen in big ways. When he has the football, a touchdown is not too far away and as a result, he will be a big contender for getting his first MVP award. This will be a very tight race for the finish for the team and for Brown as to if he will win an MVP award or not.

Deanglo Williams
Williams was one of the more underestimated players on the Panthers team. Then this season he was traded to the Steelers and his true potential was seen when he took the field. Williams has been running the ball like a pro and has been putting himself in the discussion about the MVP award. Williams was a powerhouse of a player in college for the University of Memphis and when he had the chance in Carolina still made some impressive plays.

These are a few of the players that can take home the MVP award. While these are only a few of the fan favorites, there are a large number of players that might have a chance at winning the MVP award. Will has been an interesting season so far and there is still plenty of football left to play to see if this will be the season that a rookie or seasoned pro will be named MVP.