NASCAR For Dummies

The Essentials Of Nascar

If you have a need for speed and enjoy the thrills of a fast paced environment with the excitement of loud vehicles roaring past you at extremely fast speeds then Nascar Racing is a sport that was made for you!

The sport of Nascar Racing is a sport that was born in the south by way of moonshiners bootlegging their goods throughout the south. 
Moonshining is just about the only way these people could survive in those days and in doing so they built their vehicles for rough terrain and for any possibilities of any law enforcement getting on their tails because as it is today Moonshine is still illegal, but back in those days there was a prohibition going on.

For fun these boys would race each other on tracks they had made themselves since they had already made their cars to outrun the cops if needed be during their free time while they weren’t carrying their cargo from one place to the next.

Nascar as a business today is still a boys sport but it is a much more regulated sport than it was back in it’s beginnings or even before there was a Nascar Racing to speak of. Cars going around a track at 200 plus miles an hour is a pretty dangerous sport so they had to get these regulations in place for the safety of the drivers as well as people in the pit area and spectators in the stands watching from a closer distance.

In the early days of Nascar drivers like Junior Johnson and Lee Petty are drivers that made the sport popular and a must see event for anyone that was into cars and seeing the kinds of speed these cars could do.
The sport mainly comprised of bootleggers, mechanics and just general car people.

Nascar as a sport is also a very organic sport in how it has grown throughout the years to where it is today.
Many sons grew up watching their daddy’s race in the early days to then go on to become race car drivers themselves.
So from it’s inception to where it is now you have fathers out on the tracks, brothers racing brothers and sons stepping into their fathers footsteps by also becoming drivers. So it is very much comprised of families as well as people coming in from other areas to get onto those tracks because they too feel that need for speed.

Nascar Racing has become much more popular today due to the sponsorships involved and the television deals that are in place for the sport.
These sponsorships really help the drivers in getting parts for their cars as well as the drivers and racing teams promoting the parts used for these cars and so on for the sponsors to help get products out there for the public.
The television deals also really help in generating revenue for the sport as a whole because there are legions of fans that love watching the sport every weekend.

For many people Nascar Racing is almost a right of passage.
You will see the same people out on those tracks time and time again forming bonds with complete strangers all for the love of Nascar Racing and their favorite drivers racing each and every Sunday afternoon.

So if you ever feel the need for speed and excitement then Nascar Racing is absolutely the sport for you. When you feel the rumble of the cars revving up or the winds of a pack of cars blowing by you on a Sunday afternoon it may very well change your life forever.

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